Who is Bhairav?

Kashmiri saint Mahameshwaracharya Abhinavgupta has explained in Tantraloka who is Bhairav.

1. Bhairav is one who removes fear of bondage among souls.

2. Bhairav is one who stops the process of transmigration of souls.

3. Bhairav is one who protects frightened souls from the fear of rebirth.

4. Bhairav is one who shines as pure Consciousness among yogis.

5. Bhairav is one who transcends time and space.

6. Bhairav is one who bestows grace to the earnest seeker.

7. Bhairav is one who creates, nourishes and dissolves the world.

Let us all pray to the Para Bhairav to remove the traces of ignorance, dissolve all impurities (malas-anava mal, mayiya mal, karma mal) and nourish us with the His grace of pure Conciousness. May He the Supreme Bhairav permeate our lives and make it more rewarding and spiritual.

– Sunil Raina Rajanaka

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